Tell me a Joke: the guideline to chasing a dream

ep. 77 Seth and the gang: sounds like a trap

October 5, 2021

#themaniacalmenace The life and the grind of the podcaster. Having impactful conversations with friends. I got to chop it up with the hustler, the father, the go getter, the entrepreneur, Seth Bullock (@thedopecomic )& the gang. Cornelius (@blackcrocadile ) & Eric (@egreencomedy ). We had a blast, we disuss and get into all that is comedy. Sorry for the technical difficulties in this episode but I've got this, sorta... We get paid a visit from a dear friend Nitra (@msalready ) and then things get hilariously hectic. I had work, but they had a ribbing, capping, jonesing, dozens session. Until wr do it again, so much fun we are all over place and is get wild. enjoy what the hell i do, and this here will tell you why I continue to do what I do... As I let the credits of life roll on deodorant #tellmeajoke #podcast

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