Tell me a Joke: the guideline to chasing a dream

ep.78 kelly stone

October 12, 2021

#themaniacalmenace sits with my hot mess counterpart from way back when, like back then when things were simpler. from manchus to mansions, my good friend Kelly Stone (@kellystonecomedy) . at this point in the past kelly is on a book tour promoting and selling her book "Mom what is the opposite of guacamole?" a book of hilarious and thoughtful kids quotes... me and kelly catch up as usual, brace yourselves, prepare to learn, kelly is a sex educator, but also a hilarious comedian, a mother, a canoer, jus many attributes that comes with an amazing person. sooo, jokes, friends, chicken, bubble baths, crackheads, theatres, thinks panties, chair sits and cheerleading, life and reminiscing, oh wow, listen up and do enjoy as we relive the past and hash out new memories... #tellmeajoke #podcast 


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